Chaise Lounge Slipcover – Making the Furniture Look Cool and Comfortable!

Chaise lounge slipcover is exactly required to protect your costly furniture from dust particles. Well, these chaise lounge slipcovers are also important to enhance the look and feel of the furniture. For example, cushions have the separate covers from the back of the loveseat. Armrests might as well be their piece to make sure best fit.  Chaise lounge slipcover often makes the furniture more comfortable. The relaxed covers have the ties for holding them in proper place & fit loosely. Due to heavy demand these items are now announced cheap on the internet.

Chaise lounge slipcover is commonly used in a chaise lounge type of couch. It is a reclining seat with a back and a single arm that also works as a back when a person is not in a reclined position. Since the shape of the chaise is unusual it can be deceived that making a cover for it is difficult, but actually one can make a chaise lounge slipcover without too much effort by a person handy with a sewing machine.

  1. Place the muslin fabric along the back of the seat of the chaise. Let the fabric hang 2 inches below the top of the feet. Put fabric along the front of the seat back, allowing 2 inches below the top of the seat. Pin the two pieces of fabric together, leaving a 1/2-inch seam allowance.
  2. Place the fabric over the seat of the chaise so it drapes over the front edge to 2 inches over the top of the feet. Fabric should drape over the back and the side edge in the same amount.
  3. After that, cut the fabric using scissors where it wraps around the shortened seat back so you can pin the fabric to the first muslin piece with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

4. Then sew the seams together. Tighten the fit with additional pinning and sewing if you find it is too large in some places.

5. After sewing, open the seams on the muslin slipcover. Iron the pieces and position the muslin over laundered decorator fabric. Pin the muslin to the fabric and cut out the pieces with scissors. Sew the slipcover together with fabric face sides together.

6. Fit the slipcover in place. Pin the fabric along the bottom edge so the edge covers all the visible fabric of the original chaise. After which sew the bottom edge and then cut the elastic to fit the inside diameter of the bottom of the slipcover.

Your chaise lounger slipcover is all done. Enjoy the new look of your chaise as it adds beauty in your room or anywhere you have it’s place.

Lazy Boy Recliner Slipcovers – Right Products for Body Relaxation!

After a day of hard work, our body needs to get some serious rest wherein we can regain our energy and be able to work and perform our 100 percent with the tasks at hand. One of the best ways of doing so is to lay down on your most comfortable bed or sofa.  And with this many considers sleeping in their recliner having their favorite slipcover. The most popular of all is the lazy boy recliner slipcovers.

Lazy boy recliner slipcovers are excellent design and have great features through which you can get more relaxation by spending some time on it.  The benefit of the fitted slipcovers is a fact they fit the furniture so that nobody actually knows you are making use of them. With upholstery style of fabric, most of the people can think that you had the loveseat reupholstered. It can also offer more support to every part of the body line head, arm, legs, and back that you can get complete relaxation by using this amazing lazy boy recliner slipcovers.

Have you ever observed and was surprised that recliners do have a complex looking machine with lines and cuts and sewing stitches that look anything but simple. But reupholstering such kind of furniture was easy to do and not that tough to make. Reupholstering a recliner isn’t so complicated if you have a sewing machine capable of handling upholstered fabric or vinyl. You can sew your own lazy boy slipcovers which is also a way of redecorating your room while spending less. All of this requires time and patience.

Lazy boy have that long reputation of offering some of the most comfortable furniture around. If you’re a proud owner of a lazy boy sofa and that you wanted to preserve the original  upholstery from any wear and tear you may want to consider a lazy boy slipcover. It is an effective way to keep your sofa from looking old fashioned.

SureFit SlipCovers – Fantastic Fall Deals

SureFit Slipcovers are one of the best slipcovers you will find.  With a great range to choose from in different fabrics, styles and colors you are sure to find something that will suit your style and budget.

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White Sofa Slipcover – Adding a Fresh Look for Your Room!

If you wish to make your office or home dazzling, then a white sofa slipcover can be the right addition to your furniture. The white sofa slipcover not only protects furniture from dust but also adds a fresh look to the room.

A White sofa slipcover creates a classic look on your furniture whether in your home or office. If you’re living near the beach or you simply wanted to create a feeling of clarity and lightness, adding white slipcovers to your home can be a great way to realize this. However, if you have decided to purchase a white slipcover, it is suggested that you purchase OxiClean or other high-powered detergent since these slipcovers will require regular washing and cleaning.

In choosing to have a white sofa slipcover you may want to consider the following things to keep your slipcover neat and clean.

  • Dark jeans will turn your white sofa slipcover into blue. Newer dark jeans make white fabric kind of blue even  after only one time sitting on it. Most especially during rainy season.
  • White furniture can be uncomfortable at times, but not with a white sofa slipcover. Your guests might feel uneasy and uncomfortable with white furniture but you can set their mind at ease with and let them know it is a slipcover and can be easily laundered

  • You are not able to wash a white sofa as often as you need to, that is why a white sofa slipcover is the perfect solution.  You still get to have that lovely clean look of white furniture in your living room, without the worry that you wont be able to get the stains out.

  • Find creative solutions so you won’t mess up your furniture. If you really wanted to sit on your furniture without worrying about getting your white sofa messy, you can put a washable quilt or blanket on the slipcover. This would lessen the filth and other objects from falling on to your sofa.
  • Do extra care about your white sofa.If you’re that kind of person who loves to take good care of their things then, white sofa slipcovers are perfect for you. While a White sofa slipcover must be attended to with more care it is easier to care for than your white sofa as it is removable and washable.

T-Cushion Slipcovers – Choose Your Favorite Design Now!

If you are looking to protect your furniture and at the same time to give them a beautiful and fresh look, then T-cushion slipcover is the best option for you.

Slipcovers are used when the material on your furniture became worn out and your dilemma is to choose either to buy a new furniture or get it to an upholstery shop. Well, a  T cushion slipcover eliminates both of these expensive options.

A T cushion slipcover is for a ‘T’ shaped  cushion which wraps around the arms of the chair to provide additional comfort to the one who sits on it. Often than not, the T cushion will be used as the chair seat with the rest of the chair upholstered in a fixed position. Most of T cushions have a zippered back feature to allow easy access to the cushion when slipping the cover of the chair.

Aside from T-Cushion slipcover will protect your classy furniture from spills and stains that happen from time to time, the cost of which is so low in where you can save an ample amount of money over what you would pay from taking that into the shop.

Upholstery is now wearing out and furniture frame is rightly good and trending. There are about a number of different varieties of slipcovers that would enhance the look of your furniture. You would never regret investing your money purchasing the slipcover you like.

In case, you bought the quality furniture, then it will happen that upholstery wears out prior to framing & infrastructure. Instead of giving or throwing that away or selling it for a cheap price- buying a slipcovers is the most inexpensive choice for prolonging life of the furniture. So, choose your favorite T cushion slipcovers design now and have yourself a new set of furniture!