Chaise Lounge Slipcover – Making the Furniture Look Cool and Comfortable!

Chaise lounge slipcover is exactly required to protect your costly furniture from dust particles. Well, these chaise lounge slipcovers are also important to enhance the look and feel of the furniture. For example, cushions have the separate covers from the back of the loveseat. Armrests might as well be their piece to make sure best fit.  Chaise lounge slipcover often makes the furniture more comfortable. The relaxed covers have the ties for holding them in proper place & fit loosely. Due to heavy demand these items are now announced cheap on the internet.

Chaise lounge slipcover is commonly used in a chaise lounge type of couch. It is a reclining seat with a back and a single arm that also works as a back when a person is not in a reclined position. Since the shape of the chaise is unusual it can be deceived that making a cover for it is difficult, but actually one can make a chaise lounge slipcover without too much effort by a person handy with a sewing machine.

  1. Place the muslin fabric along the back of the seat of the chaise. Let the fabric hang 2 inches below the top of the feet. Put fabric along the front of the seat back, allowing 2 inches below the top of the seat. Pin the two pieces of fabric together, leaving a 1/2-inch seam allowance.
  2. Place the fabric over the seat of the chaise so it drapes over the front edge to 2 inches over the top of the feet. Fabric should drape over the back and the side edge in the same amount.
  3. After that, cut the fabric using scissors where it wraps around the shortened seat back so you can pin the fabric to the first muslin piece with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

4. Then sew the seams together. Tighten the fit with additional pinning and sewing if you find it is too large in some places.

5. After sewing, open the seams on the muslin slipcover. Iron the pieces and position the muslin over laundered decorator fabric. Pin the muslin to the fabric and cut out the pieces with scissors. Sew the slipcover together with fabric face sides together.

6. Fit the slipcover in place. Pin the fabric along the bottom edge so the edge covers all the visible fabric of the original chaise. After which sew the bottom edge and then cut the elastic to fit the inside diameter of the bottom of the slipcover.

Your chaise lounger slipcover is all done. Enjoy the new look of your chaise as it adds beauty in your room or anywhere you have it’s place.