Slipcovers For Recliner Sofas – How To Make Slipcover For Sofa


Sewing the slipcover for reclining loveseat is the project for more experienced sewer, since project is involved than easy sewing projects. In case, you are up for challenge, let us now get started. Select the fabric according which room your loveseat is used in. For instance, if loveseat will be used in the family room, then select the durable fabric like microfiber that is durable & stain resistant. More luxurious fabric like suede or silk is used in the room like parlor and bedroom where piece will not get used on the everyday basis.


Sewing the slipcovers for recliner sofas are approached in some different methods. One method is using fabric that is cut in different pieces. You may need to measure & cut fabric for the inside & outside of arms, front & back of sofas and for foot rest. One more method is using one continuous fabric piece for front & back of chair that includes seat, to make relaxed and loose fit. Make sure to leave 7 / 8 inch overlap to sew.

After measuring sofas & cutting out the pieces, lay them in a pattern where they can appear on loveseat.